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This is a boutique design for the Wanderlust store in Sea Girt, New Jersey. The store concept was developed around a trendy, light, and feminine aesthetic. To meet timing and budget constraints we for the most part used standard fixtures. But we were able to make them special by incorporating a few fun details and finish treatments.

Sandy Beach


The unique patterning of the planks on the wall panels add texture and character to store. To soften the feel we used graduating color schemes and painted gradients. 

If you look closely you can see the base of the 4-way fixtures is designed to resemble a live-edge wood slab. It is abstracted, intended to be a creative reference to the natural elements that inspired the brand of the store. 

Fun geometric shapes are the trendy element that we sprinkled throughout the design. These hexagonal pedestals are a unique element that function both as additional display surface and decoration.  

Beach Shot

This feature is another abstracted natural element. This representation of an oak tree is a creative way to hang surfboards and display products. The low ceiling made it challenging, but this piece was important to the client's vision. 

Pebble Beach

Inbetween standard wall panels we have these "floating" curved frames that house shelves and mirrors. These are used to create product vignettes, giving the merchandising team an opportunity to tell a story. This is a necessary part of designing for small boutiques like Wanderlust. 


This colorful wall section on the left is for children, The shelves are made of woven sea grass with multi-colored trim.  

The wall section on the right is the shoe section. The levers pop-up and drop-down to create "shelves" to hold shoes, allowing for a multitude of options. At the base is an angled shoe mirror opposite a bench and racks for sandals.


The store came out beautifully and is a good representation of a typical retail design challenge; how to pack a lot of product into a space, but still make it feel open, cohesive, and unique. The versatility of these fixtures and the pretty, feminine details truly makes this retail space feel special! 

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