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Users shop a variety of brands online using the Cher app, then reserve their selected pieces to try-on at a Cher location for a fully customized experience. 

The Cher concept anticipates and embraces the social/economic shopping needs of the immediate future with a new business model. The idea is based on the principle that fashion is a social function. But as brands have evolved to live primarily online, the communal engagement has been lacking in the physical. Cher addresses this hole that exists between online-shopping and brick-and-mortar by instead offering the best of both worlds.

Clothes on Rack
App on phone.jpg

Through the cher app reserve items and book a room. 


Arrive for your scheduled appointment at a nearby cher location and check-in with the host...

CHER E-2.jpg

Try on your items in a premium fitting room, invite friends (or not) & experience a range of amenities. 


When you're done take what you like with you, leave behind what you don't. 


This concept was a brain-child of mine that was then further developed with help from my design team. My collaborators are; Carli Tellijohn, who helped extensively with the research and supporting data collection, and Megan Barrett, who conceptualized the app design and features. 

Knitted Sweaters Up Close

Cher invites consumers to control their world through a membership-based service. The Cher network contains an exclusive collection of social and environmentally conscious brands, creating an exclusive club that supports the interest of its users. 

Members can play and experiment with new fashion choices; they can invite friends to join in on the fun or they can keep it private. They can try products and services they normally wouldn't have access to, and engage with brands they love and support no matter where they are.


Cher is the future of retail. 


cher allows the consumer to shop multiple brands in one place.
While browsing the app, users select items for try-on from conscious brands in their preferred sizes.


iPhones with a View
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Mobile, Mobile, Mobile...

Mobile empowered consumers expect brands to leverage new channels to be in the right place at the right time.

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Woman Holding a Mobile Phone
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room selection

Through the app users reserve their desired room...


  • Users can schedule a room for themselves and a guest if desired, or else book a group room for parties 3+

  • Users can specify the room conditions and make specialty requests for unique needs (ADA accommodations, social anxieties, physical sensitivities etc.)

  • cher lets consumers curate their personal shopping experience by joining online browsing with physical try-on, and ultimate convenience.


Be there when I need you...

Convenience grabs dollars, but developing technology options further to deliver an immersive, entertaining experience, will go a long way.


The concept floor plan for cher is based on a 40'w x 80'd footprint and 16'h ceilings, typical of most U.S. mall retail spaces.

floorplan 1.jpg

Click on the dots to preview each space!


A concierge counter greets you upon entrance, immediately defining the real estate as a different type of retail space.

Lexus Design Award 2020_Cher_Page_14.jpg

The main hallway is an invitation to a personal space. With innovative design cher meets the challenges of a tall/narrow architectural construction.

The hallway floor is defined by a digital sand interaction, with a rippling sand effect as users pass through. This technology is a clever and fun way to make an empty hallway feel active and inviting.

The hallway
water floor.jpg

Example of digital interactive flooring

KEY PAD ART-01-01.jpg

Digital controls ensure security and ease of access to fitting rooms.

• Touchpad controls allow fingerprint or passcode access, established via the user’s cher profile in the app.

• This choice is important to users who value their privacy and are hesitant to provide their biometrics to yet another new tech company.


• Upon successful access, the fitting room door slides open and the interior functions activate.

Entry Keypad


The private rooms provide a space for users to try on clothes by themselves or with 1 guest. This is where individuals can take advantage of add-on services such as tailoring or stylist advice.


These rooms are fully integrated with tech features for a totally customized experience.


  • Lighting controls

  • Digital interactive screen with bluetooth integration

  • 3-Panel Smart mirror

  • Interactive screen with user controls


The architectural opening above the door keeps the room from feeling claustrophobic.

Lexus Design Award 2020_Cher_Page_20.jpg

Add on Services


From on-site tailors and stylists to events hosted by brands, the opportunities to personalize top-notch shopping/fitting experiences are endless.


Immersive Experience

Premium fitting rooms, thoughtful design, and consumer provided data personalize each try-on session for an elevated experience.

Roll over to see more!

CHER E-2.jpg

Group fitting rooms are intended for groups of 3+, as a location for social fittings & small events.

Through the cher app users can invite friends to join the try-on session.


These rooms are fully integrated with the same tech features as the private rooms


CHER E-2.jpg

A private changing space within the group room provides privacy, equipped with a second mirror, for a first impression look before sharing with the group.

The dressing room features a second mirror, a bench, a clothing rod & adjustable hooks.



Unlike traditional brick & mortar retailers that minimize the size of fitting rooms to optimize floor display space, cher puts the focus on the fitting rooms for an elevated try-on experience.

APP_PagesArtboard 7.tif

  • RFID tags on the merchandise would be activated once the user enters the room.


  • When leaving customers would be automatically charged through the app with whatever items crossed the threshold while exiting, once closed the room would secure and the remaining items would deactivate.

  • Discarded items would be collected and returned by the cher retail attendant.   


To checkout guests would simply take their desired items with them for a true contactless shopping experience.


Shipping & Logistics

Arguably, the greatest flaw to online shopping is the inconvenience and costs of shipping/return logistics.

Cher resolves this problem with it's innovative purchasing system. 

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